Ingredient purity, potency and synergy are core to our Circul8 formula. The proprietary blend of specific nutrients combined with our unique QSET™ process helps provide ultimate absorption which maximizes the body’s production and usage of Nitric-Oxide*.

The highest level of care and consideration have been taken to ensure maximum benefits.


  • Promotes Optimal Cardiovascular Function
  • Enhances Immune System
  • Helps Respiratory Function
  • Supports The Nervous System
  • Enhances Energy
  • Enhances Stamina
  • Helps Bone & Muscle Health
  • Athletic Peak Performance
  • Helps Digestion and Intestinal Mucosa
  • Promotes Nutrient Transport
  • Enhances Toxin Elimination
  • Supports Sexual Vitality
  • Supports Reduced Pain & Inflammation
  • Supports Optimal Blood Pressure Levels
  • Support Optimal Cholesterol Levels
  • Enhanced Focus & Mental Clarity


THE PULSE OF LIFE MOLECULE read article Increasingly regarded as one of the body’s most important compounds, Nitric-Oxide is involved in nearly every cellular response through its interactions with the cardiovascular, immune and nervous system and indirectly related to almost every major degenerative condition.

The source of Nitric-Oxide (NO) is L-arginine, one of nature’s 22 naturally occurring amino acids

go here Nitric-Oxide has been called the “molecule of the year” by the American Academy Of Science and has been the topic of more than 20,000 medical studies in the past few decades alone. In fact, groundbreaking research on its cardiovascular benefits led three American scientists to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.

Nitric-Oxide production decreases with age and results in  conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Each year more than 1 million people die from heart disease with the first sign being a “heart attack”. That’s 1 person every 33 seconds in the USA alone please click for source.


Circulation is far more than a healthy heart and arteries; it’s nutrition and oxygen transport as well as waste and toxin elimination. If toxic metabolic waste is not removed from the cells, a foundation for inflammation and oxidative stress can form with hazardous implications link.


There are two distinct ways your body can generate NO, and CIRCUL8 provides the ultimate solution to optimize both. One of the ways is through the conversion of L-Arginine into Nitric-Oxide, known as the arginine-nitric oxide pathway. Another means of obtaining Nitric-Oxide is through the nitrate/nitrite pathway. Certain fruits and roots are converted into NO this way; like pomegranates and beets. The above pathways provide your body with the raw materials necessary to create your own bio-fuel (Nitric Oxide), a critical element for optimal health and performance.


Doctor Formulated Utilizes Both Arginine & Nitrate Pathways 100% Vegan Friendly Formulated for Maximum NO Production QSET activated Balanced Arginine Nutraceutical Most Current Scientific Research

  • Watermelon
  • Amla Fruit
  • Deep Ocean Minerals
  • Astragin®
  • Cayenne
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Arginine AKG
  • Citrulline
  • D-Ribose®
  • Beet Root Powder (high nitrate)
  • Curcumin C3 Complex ®
  • Vitamin D3 (vegan) 2500 IU

This discovery has propelled athletes into new levels of achievement and others with a renewed lease on life because it helps keep veins and arteries supple and clear.